The Advanced Medicine Conference scheduled for May 25 - 26, 2019 will be held in Los Angeles, CA at the Pasadena Convention Center. This event will bring some of the most well-respected voices in Medicine and Consciousness together under one roof to provide the attendees with a truly phenomenal experience. The theme of the 1st Annual Advanced Medicine Conference is "Evolution of Man and Medicine", providing the attendees with an exciting and relatively unrecognized and unrealized history of man and medicine. But even more importantly, by understanding our history and what that history teaches us, it prepares us for the next phase of evolution.

He who controls the narrative dictates history - Dr. Dean C. Viktora

Unfortunately, the history we've been taught is far departed from the truth. Excluding impressive advances in acute medicine, modern medicine addressing chronic disease remains as archaic today as it was 50 years ago. Consequently, it becomes imperative for us to not just remember the history of man's evolution but also accurately remember the evolution (or lack thereof) of our healing arts as well. Some may ask why is this important? The answer lies in the following quote.

Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it - Edmund Burke

Our future generations and in fact, the very existence of the human species, may very well depend on our awareness of the past so that we become conscious of our decisions and aware of the consequences. As a species, we will reap the benefits of the seeds we sow or pay the price for the mistakes we perpetuate. The great news is that all indicators point that the evolutionary process inherent in nature, the true evolutionary process based on cooperation and elimination of weakest, is in full stride and bodes well for the inhabitants of our earth. Contrast this with what we have been taught, that evolution is based on conflict as opposed to cooperation with the survival of only the fittest, and you may begin to appreciate the theme of the 1s Annual Advanced Medicine Conference.

Join us in Los Angeles to hear some of the most dynamic and "evolved" speakers addressing these topics and more. With speakers from both sides of the hemisphere and with attendees from all over the world already having purchased tickets, this event promises to be like no other. The speakers cover the entire spectrum, from two "reformed" surgeons, Dr. Robin Bernhoft and Dr. Rashid Buttar who went from one extreme in medicine to practicing Advanced Medicine for the last 20 plus years, to well-known members of the entertainment industry such as internationally recognized celebrity actress Nia Peeples with a crucial message every human must hear, and TV and movie producer Del Bigtree, now a very outspoken critic of the current vaccination injury crisis now affecting every country on our planet.

Additionally, speakers such as the world famous Ty Bollinger from the "Truth About Cancer" and "Truth About Vaccines" series, as well as the beacon of truth, Health Freedom advocate and radio host Robert Scott Bell will be presenting. Dr. Patrick Quillin, nutritional scientist and best selling author of "Beating Cancer with Nutrition" will also present on the nutritional status of our planet and the direction we as inhabitants should be taking. And when you think it couldn't possibly get any better, it does...with the icing on the cake being Dr. Bruce H. Liption. At least one of the other speakers, believe Dr. Lipton to be on par with the likes of Copernicus and Galileo and whose work has already shifted the paradigm of medicine and will continue to impact mankind for decades if not hundreds of years to come.

To be able to hear any one of these speakers on a stage is an honor and a pleasure. To see them all together in the same venue is a rarity and privilege, an extraordinary opportunity that few will have and likely will never be repeated in whole again. It is an incredible honor for the Advanced Medicine Conference to be able to bring these amazing spirits together for two days of sharing their wisdom, insight, knowledge and most of all, their energies with us. It is an event that should not be missed and can only be fully appreciated when experienced in person!

You will learn things you were most likely have never heard before, be provided with resources that are invaluable, and receive information that will be transformational. If there was one event this year you MUST attend, it will be this life-changing event. With a few of these speakers booked out years in advance to speak, and others that rarely lecture to the public anymore, the Advanced Medicine Conference has become the "must attend" event of the year for those either already consciously evolving or those who wish to facilitate their own evolutionary process. Seats are limited so please don't wait to register. Early bird discounts are available until January 1, 2019.

Who should attend the Advanced Medicine Conference?

- The Advanced Medicine is for those who are seeking the truth, who wish to learn the secret to not only achieving optimum health but who want to know the secret to all aspects of life, who are on the evolutionary path to greater awareness and insight and wish to take the next leap forward. If you fall into this category, then this is the one conference you absolutely CAN NOT MISS!

Why should I attend the Advanced Medicine Conference?

- The Advanced Medicine Conference will bring together an eclectic group of physicians, researchers, activists and scientist who are spiritually on a very similar path and have the same desire, to elevate and facilitate awareness for all they have the opportunity to share their knowledge with and help to make the world a better place for our future generations.

What am I going to get out of this conference?

- At most conferences, attendees leave more confused due to the various and often contradicting pieces of information they gather. Those who attend the Advanced Medicine Conference will have the unique opportunity to hear different presenters from different fields with different perspectives and experiences, give presentations that will build upon each other's in a way that will illustrate universal principals that will open the vault of possibilities for all who attend.

How am I going to benefit from this conference?

- Attendees will benefit from attending the Advanced Medicine Conference by becoming aware of universal principals long forgotten, empowered with knowledge seldom discussed in the manner or context as it will be presented. Attendees will learn a method of eliminating their biggest frustration they deal with and have it addressed in a definitive manner. They will leave with a tangible plan on how to achieve the outcome they wish to achieve, whatever it may be, with actual resources they will walk away having access too that will help them reach their irrational and emotional desire for themselves. And finally, they will leave with a clear game plan with a foundation upon which they can build immediately, even before the conference ends, along with the concept, history, theory and knowledge of how to apply their new found knowledge towards any goal they wish to achieve.